Some of the awkward moments happened to most of us.

In our day to day life, there are many incidents which happened to us and make us feel awkward. In those situations, we cannot do anything except feeling awkward. The reason could be anything like this happens most of the time , we go to watch a movie with our elders and parents and suddenly a scene or intimate scenes start appearing, in that situation you cannot help yourself to get out of the theatre , you have to watch the scene with one eye on the scene and one eye to see the parents reactions on the scenes . The Internet has become the most entertaining source for the people. We show you some of the awkward moments that happen to us in our day to day life, just scroll down the page I assure you, you will roll out laughing on the floor.


1. You must have to face some situations like when in a hurry everytime you forget to delete the history of your browser and not only here it ends and without remembering it you just handle your phone or laptop to your girlfriend and the first thing you lady do is checking the history. It’s an “aawww” moment.

2. Of course, it feels awkward and also angry at the same time when you need help and your teacher never pays attention to you but to the friend sitting next to you.

3. One of the awkward moments: When its time to say goodbyes and hellos, someone comes to you and you say hello and they never pay attention to it, it feels disgusting or shameful.

4. The 4th point is somewhat hilarious and I am sure it might happen to all of us at least once in a life. We all get a mini heart-attack, when we are going to gossip about someone and we never know, that the person about whom we are talking, is the person standing behind us and listening clearly to each and every word we are uttering. It’s a hilarious moment. We feel start thinking that, with the person was deaf and so that he couldn’t hear us.

5. Have you ever gone to the theatre with your parents? Has it ever happened to you that while watching a movie, suddenly an intimate scene starts? That time every child in the world tries to look apart from that scene, showing his parents to be the most innocent kid in the world.

6. What if you are a man with a heavy chest and the girl standing just right to you doesn’t look that odd then you.

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